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Friday, December 15, 2017

Fifth/Sixth Grade

Classroom News

Fundraiser Breakfast
Parish Breakfast Hosted by 6th Grade - Fundraiser for our overnight trip to Boise in May
Yes, it is time to think about the breakfast that is hosted by the 6th grade.  This breakfast is the fundraiser for our overnight field trip to Boise.  The field trip will be in May, exact dates TBD. The date of the breakfast is Sunday, January 28th.  It starts at 10:00 am in the Parish Hall (a.k.a. Lunchroom).   Student and parent help is needed before the date and on the date of the breakfast.  In early January, I will be asking for a parent or two to solicit donations from area businesses and grocery stores.  I have a list to work from.  This is a great way for a family who cannot be there the morning of the breakfast to still contribute time. Help is also need the day before the breakfast assembling the egg casseroles.  The day of the breakfast, help is needed setting up, serving, and cleaning up.  Please mark your calendars to help with the breakfast.  Students who cannot help will be asked to contribute money toward the field trip.
For the field trip, we will see many sites in Boise: tour the capitol, tour the Old State Penn, visit the Discovery Museum, join St. Joseph Catholic School for Mass, tour the Cathedral, and walk on the BSU campus and visit their trophy room. We stay in the recreation room at Sacred Heart Parish.  The breakfast covers all costs for students: food, admissions, and rental of the recreation room to stay in.  It is a great trip and a wonderful way to cap off our year.  I will let you know dates after tour reservations are completed.
Weekly Class Note

News for the Week of December 11, 2017

Saint report biographies and posters are due Tuesday.  Students present to the class on Wednesday.  If you are interested in watching your child present, the presentation order will be in the Document Section. I do not have specific times, just when we start.  I anticipate each presenter taking 5 minutes.

We are reading A Christmas Carol in class.  Because this book is at a reading level higher than the class, we will discuss every question in class to  insure understanding.  Students are allowed to take to books home for help.

Homework is very different this week, please check the website.  For the Christmas "poster" which is due Friday, students do not have to enter the contest, but the must create a poster.  The poster is a graded assignment for Religion. Contest entry forms were sent home along with a paper on which to make the poster.

Before leaving for the Christmas break, students will check out their book for the next book report...a classic.  This will allow plenty of reading time for the book. We will review instructions upon returning from Christmas break, but the four components are an AR test, create a diorama, fill in the story arc/plot, and fill in a character trait sheet about one character.

Mass is celebrated twice this week...again.  Tuesday we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas. Of course, Wednesday is the regularly scheduled Mass day.  

We are now in the liturgical season of Advent - Happy New Year!  We will have advent candle lighting ceremonies each Monday.

Half Notes perform Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. See the calendar for details.

Thursday, the fifth grade class performs the play "Our Lady of Guadalupe" at 10:00 am in the lunchroom/parish hall. Please join us if you can.

Thursday evening is our Christmas Concert, 7 PM at the Wilson Theater. Please have your child at the theater by 6:45.  Show lasts an hour. Punch and cookies are served upstairs in the theater after the performance. Dress for the Concert is "Sunday best".  Sunday best is a nice shirt or shirt and tie for boys along with nice slacks - school pants or nicer.  NO BLUE JEANS PLEASE. Girls, please wear a nice dress with sleeves or nice slacks and blouse with sleeves.

Friday is a 1:00 dismissal for St. Nicholas, but not for Minidoka.  Aftercare closes at 1:00.  Please make arrangements to have your child picked up by 1:00. It is Citation Free and Non-Uniform Dress for $1. Students are also welcome to bring a blanket and pillow for a movie in the lunchroom/parish hall. Parents, you are welcome to cuddle on the floor with your child for the movie.


Tests and Quizzes for the Week



Spelling Words for the Week:

5th Grade Spelling Word List:   
6th Grade Spelling Word List:  

The spelling words are also in the Classroom Document section of this page and your child has a copy of the words. Your child a login and can practice the words using The link is in the Classroom Links on this page. Look for the lists under your child's grade. Please help your child study the words every night.

Students also take the spelling test in Results of the test can be seen on that website.  (See the link on this page.) With your child's log in information, you can check the test results.  Paper spelling tests do not go home.


Vocabulary Words for the Week:

Root for the Week: 

The vocabulary words are in the Classroom Document section of this page and your child has a copy of the words. Your child has a login and can practice the words  using The link is in the Classroom Links on this page. Once in the website, look for the list in the group of lists titled "Prefixes and Suffixes". The login information is in Documents. Please help your child study the words every night.

Students also take the vocabulary test in Results of the test can be seen on that website.  (See the link on this page.) With your child's log in information, you can check the test results.  Paper vocabulary tests will not go home unless it is a review of the words.  


Book Report / Reading and AR Goal / Reading Log

On November 3rd, students checked out their Saint book and should be reading steadily.  Please note the due dates for this project either in the Homework section or on the instruction page your child received.

Please encourage your child to read for enjoyment.  After reading a book in their reading range, make sure to take an AR test.

Reading logs begin this week and are normally due every Thursday. It will always be listed in the Homework section.  A blank copy of the log is in the Document Section for your convenience.



Math assignments are always posted in the Homework section of this web page.  Assignments are randomly selected for grading. Those grades make up the Math Homework grade on report cards.  Parents are encouraged to check all homework every night for correctness.

For graded homework assignments, students can redo any missed problems, turn the redo in with the original homework, and receive full credit for any problem correctly redone.

If your 5th grade child forgot his/her math book, there is a PDF version in the Classroom Documents. Your child can find the day's lesson and do the work.

Unfortunately, the online link to the 6th grade math text book is no longer working. I no longer  find the math book on line when doing a Google search.

There are several YouTube videos teaching the Saxon math lessons. Try searching "Saxon Math 6/5" for fifth grade lessons or "Saxon Math 7/6" for sixth grade lessons. Include the word "lesson" and the corresponding number in your YouTube search.  For example, a search for instruction on 5th grade lesson 29 would look like "Saxon Math 6/5 Lesson 29". "Tim Hines" has a YouTube channel for 5th grade lessons.  "Pottorff Math" has lessons for 6th grade.  You can subscribe to either one.


Social Studies 

Students will receive a current event article from me.  The article will have questions to answer.  There may be times when students will answer a writing prompt about the article.

In addition, we will a be using a text book and begin our studies with the how the first peoples arrived in North America.  We will quickly go through this prehistoric time and should end the year at with the colonization of the Americas.

Emergency School Closure Days

On emergency school closure days, assignments  due that day and tests scheduled that day will move to the next day school is in session.  For example, if there is an emergency closure on Friday, and school is back in session on Monday, all homework due and tests scheduled for Friday will occur on Monday.


Classroom Assignments

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