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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kindergarten - Mrs. Knopp/Mrs. Ball/Kaylee

Classroom News

Week of 4/22-4/26
  • No homework this week.
  • No school Monday.
  • The spring concert is Thursday at 7:00. Please have your child there at 6:45 dressed in Sunday best. No spaghetti straps or inappropriate clothing. 
  • The jog-a-long is Friday. Please have your child dressed in comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Also, putting sunscreen on them in the morning is always a great idea. Students will be getting a jog-a-long shirt from the school to wear on top of their clothes while running. There will be a goody sale that day. Please do not send more than $3 or $4. Most things there are 25 or 50 cents. 
  • Students will not be able to participate in the jog-a-long if they have not turned in the blue paper that was sent in the folder. 
  • There is no bussing on Friday. 

Letter: X

Sight words: good, that, soon, under

Virtue: trustworthiness

Current Sight Words
  1. red               26. four           51. on            76. what
  2. orange         27. five           52. small        77. well
  3. green           28. in              53. so             78. big
  4. yellow          29. am            54. they          79. like
  5. blue             30. six             55. girl            80. say
  6. black           31. seven        56. me            81. this
  7. purple          32. at              57. to              82. must
  8. brown          33. too            58. for             83. that
  9. pink             34. eight         59. mom          84. good
  10. and              35. nine          60. dad            85. under
  11. a                  36. as             61. but            86. soon
  12. had              37. have         62. into
  13. white           38. ten            63. will
  14. he               39. zero           64. up
  15. go               40. it                65. my
  16. the              41. is               66. do
  17. I                  42. can            67. all
  18. has             43. his             68. with
  19. see             44. yes            69. look
  20. you             45. be             70. an
  21. we              46. ran            71. get
  22. one            47. who           72. stop
  23. two             48. no             73. here
  24. of               49. did             74. she
  25. three          50. him           75. her

Classroom Assignments

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No assignments currently exist.

Contact Me

Mrs. Maren Knopp


Grade:  Kindergarten

Education:  B.S. Elementary Education, Idaho State University, 2004

Favorite Bible Verse:  "And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and has delivered himself for us: Ephesians 5:2

I began my experience as St. Nicholas Catholic School 14 years ago, when I was bit teaching for a college course.  Eventually, after completing college, I returned to the school as a teacher and have remained here ever since.  I love being able to to work with children in an openly Christian environment.  Being a teacher allows me to use my love for children and desire to impact their lives in a positive way on a daily basis.  It is an honor and joy to work at St. Nicholas Catholic School.

Contact Me

Mrs. Kim Ball


Grade:  Kindergarten

Education: Paraprofessional Certification, Catechist Certified. 

I am currently working on my teaching degree at College of Southern Idaho.

Favorite Bible Verse:  "I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength." Phillipians 4:13

I am so blessed to be at St. Nicholas Catholic School.  I truly enjoy working with the students, helping them, watching them learn new things, seeing the proud look on their faces when they accomplish new skills and just getting to know them, it is so rewarding. What a blessing to be able to touch their lives in such a tremendous way, not only academically, but spiritually as well.

Classroom Documents