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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

FRIDAY: Friday Feb. 13 will be an unscheduled EARLY release day at 1 pm so that staff may attend funeral services for Logan Hieb, the son of our preschool teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Hieb.
Important note for BUS RIDERS: Students who normally ride the bus and have no other transportation option on Friday, Feb. 13 may stay in aftercare until 3 pm at no charge and the bus will pick them up at 3 pm as usual. All other students who are not picked up by 1:15 pm will go to aftercare and be charged as normal. Aftercare is open until 5:30 as usual.

FRIDAY LUNCH: Students will have a pizza lunch on Friday, Feb. 13 provided by the school to celebrate Valentine’s day so unless your child doesn’t want PIZZA you don’t have to pack a lunch. Students will stay on property during lunch time.