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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Donations Needed!!

St. Nicholas Catholic School students will begin selling dinner tickets and raffle tickets for the Basque Dinner starting Tuesday, February 27. The Basque Dinner is Saturday, March 17 at the Rupert Elks Club. Please support our students in this important fundraising effort. There are a variety of fantastic raffle drawing prizes such as $250 Gift Card of Choice, “For the Love of Coffee” basket, “Pot of Gold” basket, “Cooking” basket, “Variety Beer” basket, and an “Movie Night” basket.

We are looking for donations to fill these baskets. For the "Love of Coffee" basket we are looking for coffee, coffee creamer, coffee cups, and anything related to coffee. For the "Pot of Gold" baskets we are looking for mini bottles of liquor,  St.Patrick's Day Lottery tickets, Gold Coin Chocolates, St. Patrick's Day sun glasses, necklaces, and a black pot to hold the basket items. For the "Cooking" basket we are looking for mixing bowls, cookie mixes, bread mixes, spatulas, mixing spoons, measuring cups, and anything that may make cooking fun. For the "Variety Beer" basket we are looking for all different kinds of beer, snacks to go with beer, and beer glasses. For our "Movie Night" basket we are looking for movie snacks, gift cards to the movies/Redbox, and popcorn. If you would like to donate cash , or gift cards to the Basque Dinner baskets we would love that as well. As always, many wonderful items will be up for grabs at the auction, so stay tuned to see what the auction will have to offer. Thank you for supporting our students during this fundraiser.  We couldn't do it without your support!

Remember that all families are required to volunteer at least 15 hours per year (or buy-out your volunteer hours at $15 per hour). Donations made to these baskets can count towards your volunteer hours.

Below are some examples of baskets to help give you some ideas of items we are needing donated.