First Grade - Mrs. Cofer

First Grade - Mrs. Cofer and Mrs. Knopp

Week of January 20-24. After many unexpected days off last week, we will get back into our routine this week without any snow days...maybe. We will learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday and our virtue is EXCELLENCE.  

Please have your student return any homework from last week including book reports. I will count them towards last week's goal.

In Language Arts we will identify and practice reading and spelling words that have the long /u/ sound spelled u consonant e and long /o/ sound spelled o consonant e as in frozen and muse. We will have a book report this week that is due on or before Friday as usual. As always we will practice our writing skills, this week working on our essay for Catholic School's Week that's coming up the end of the month.

Please read to your child nightly and have them read to you. This practice is so important. In class, they are learning all the skills they need to become successful readers, to back that up, they need practice reading nightly. Thank you for your help with this. Don't forget to take AR tests. This is very helpful for students' comprehension. We have our big mid-year AR reward coming up in a few weeks. Look for a lavendar sheet of paper in your child's homework folder that will tell you their goal and whether or not they've met it yet. Students who do not meet their AR goal do not get to go on the Field Trip.

Sight words to practice this week: (week 2) take, their, them, this, too, two, very, walk, talk

In Math we work on solving problems that subtract 8 and 9 from teen numbers, practicing the two strategies: counting on and taking from ten. We will have homework Mon through Thurs this week.

Please check your student's homework folder nightly for homework or other news/info and help them remember to return it to school everyday.

As always...check the school website calendar for more details on what's happening at St. Nicholas! 

Mrs. Cofer and Mrs. Knopp

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