Kindergarten - Mrs. Knopp/Mrs. Ball/Kaylee

Kindergarten - Mrs. Knopp, Mrs. Ball, & Kaylee

Safe Environment

If you have not done the safe environment workshop yet, there will be one on 9/18 in the school hall at 5:30. This is required if you would like to eat lunch with your child, go on field trips, volunteer in the classroom, etc. If you have already done the workshop, you only need to watch the video online to renew. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Volunteer Hours

Don't forget that any donations toward our treasure box or snacks count as volunteer hours! Every $15 counts as one hour. Also, we are asking for laminating sleeves. We are trying to laminate our math manipulatives and papers so we can reuse them every year. These donations also count as volunteer hours. We go through a lot of laminating sleeves, so anything is greatly appreciated!


Week of 9/16-9/20

  • Remember homework will be sent home Monday, but does not need to be turned in till Friday. 
  • Each week there will be a paper sent with the homework that has the current sight words and letters. Please practice these words with your child at least 3 times during the week, sign, and return with the homework. Your child can read them to you, you can make flash cards, or even create a game out of it. If you want some ideas, we would be glad to help you out! This needs to be turned in for the homework to be counted that week. 

Letter: P

Sight Words: had, mom, dad, go

Virtue: Courtesy



Current Sight Words:

  1. red
  2. blue
  3. green
  4. yellow
  5. orange
  6. purple
  7. a
  8. brown
  9. black
  10. and
  11. the
  12. had
  13. mom
  14. dad
  15. go


Teacher Contacts

Maren Knopp
Kindergarten, P.E. Teacher

Kim Ball
Kindergarten Teacher
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