Second Grade - Mrs. Iturra


Homework for the Week:

Monday: Math and Reading Homework

Tuesday: Math and Reading Homework

Wednesday: Math and Reading Homework

Thursday: Math and Reading Homework

Friday: Reading/Vocabulary/Spelling Test for my Reading Class


Reading and math homework need to be turned in daily. You should be taking no longer than 20 minutes on math homework. Even if they are not done by the time 20 minutes is over, THAT IS OKAY. This gives me an idea on what the student is struggling on so I can help them in class. 

Math is different from when I was in school and it can be difficult to help our students when we don't know exactly how to do it either. I will be sending pictures of "Homework Helper" which is a helpful tool for parents in which it shows exactly what I taught and how you can help your children. The "Homework Helpers" for the week will be sent via text message daily. Feel free to contact with any further questions or concerns. 

The second grade is divided into two reading groups. My reading group consists of the following students: Victoria, Aleana, Valor, Gavin, Jhett, Jackson, Asher, Josiah, Paxton, Natalie, Tasha,m Caleb, Marissa, and Mia. If your student is not mentioned in this list, they are in Mrs. Packham's class for reading. My vocabulary and spelling test words will be posted weekly for your student to study. 

Let's have an AMAZING week!



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