Second Grade - Mrs. Packham

Second Grade - Mrs. Packham

This promises to be a busy week, in and out of school.  The Gala is this Saturday.  Please plant to attend and support the school.  It promises to be a lovely evening and hopefully you wlil find something you just can't live without.  Until then please help your child keep selling those tickets.  We are trying to outdo what was sold last year for an opportunity to tape Mr. Remaley to the wall.  Your help is appreciated.

Tuesday is our Vetran's Day Program, right here at the school.  Lots of good music and some special activities to say thank you to our vetrans.  Please come if you can.

Tuesday at 7:50 am is also our sneak preview of the gala projects.  We are still putting ours together, hopefully the finished product will be there on Tuesday morning.  Come see our "friendship tree".

Thursday I will make the book order in hopes that the books will be back in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Reading over the holiday - what could be better!!!!

I was impressed with the scores on our last math test.  The second grade seemed to really understand using the algorithm/place value to add double and triple digit numbers.  Way to go!

Thanks to those of you who donated to the SPA Basket from second grade.  We can still use anything you bring in.  Thanks for your generousity.

And of course remember --  we continue to read, read, read.

God Bless you this week!  Mrs. Packham



Monday:  Math Module 4 Lesson 11.  Read for 20 minutes (Granddaddy Spider and the Party).  Edit your turkey story.

Tuesday: Math Module 4 Lesson 12.  Read for 20 minutes (Granddaddy Spider and the Party).  Language Arts - Workbook pages 139-140.

Wednesday:  Math Module 4 Lesson 13.  Read for 20 minutes (Granddaddy Spider and the Party)  Spelling - workbook pages 137-138.

Thursday:  Math Module 4 Lesson 14.  Read for 20 minutes (Granddaddy Spider and the Party), Illustrate the Turkey Story



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