Second Grade - Mrs. Packham

Second Grade - Mrs. Packham

This is the last week of school before spring break NEXT WEEK.  It will be busy for the second grade.  Monday and Tuesday will be business as usual, homework and all.  We were suppose to go to the hospital on Tuesday and sing, but that has been cancelled due to sickness issues.  However, we will still be wearing Green and Jeans for the St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday.  Wednesday we will be celebrating with our special guests/parents all morning.  Can't wait to see you there.  Thursday and Friday will be back to our routine.  Thursday the second grade will be hosting the Stations of the Cross in the upper room at 2:20.  Please help your child practice their parts at night for part of their homework.  It will be included in the reading log.  We have more children than parts, so some will be doing other things and will not have a reading part.

Keep filling the rice bowls.  Watch for news about the Basque Dinner from the office.  It has been postponed for now, but I'm sure you will hear the latest information soon.  I will have a box for the blessing gifts in the room on Monday (combs, brushes, scrunchies, hair ties, ets).  We want it fill it to the top and overflow.  

I will be making a book order at the end of the week.  

Again, keep reading.  The children need it.  Thanks for your help.

God Bless you this week!

Mrs. Packham



Monday:      Math Module 7 lessons 1&2           Reading - 20 minutes reading recorded in log         

Tuesday:     Math Module 7 lesson 3                 Reading - 20 minutes reading recorded in log           LA - Workbook pages 81-82 Letter punctuation

Wednesday: No Math Homework                      Reading - 20 minutes reading recorded in log           LA - Workbook pages 79-80 Spelling

Thursday:     Math Module 7 lesson 4                Reading - 20 minutes reading recorded in log              

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