Second Grade - Mrs. Packham

Second Grade - Mrs. Packham


Monday September 16 -- What a good day to be in school -- so much to do, so much to learn.

Last week we read and tested on a story and its associated vocabulary and spelling words.  We also took a grammar test on common and proper nouns.  We begin a new story this week complete with spelling words and vocabulary words.  We will learn about action verbs and will test on all this at the end of the week.  

Monday is the day we brainstorm our writing.  I wasn't as explicit about this assignment last week as I should have been so here is a more detailed explanation. 

The graphic organizer is to help us get our thoughts about the topic in order.  We begin with a topic sentence.  It tells us what our paragraph is going to be about.  This week the topic is pets.  We could talk about what we do with our pets, how our pet is fun, or simply describe our pet.  Possible topic sentences would be.  My pet is a dog.  I like to play with my dog.  My dog is so fun.  My cat is very friendly.  The three circles underneath are details that explain the topic sentence.  For example;  If my pet is a dog, I could tell his name, breed, color, what I do with him, if he lives in our out of the house, what he eats, etc.  The summary sentence restates the topic sentence.  For these second graders it might be an expression of feeling.  My dog is the best!  Summary sentences in a five-paragraph essay would restate everything that had been discussed in the essay.  A paragraph is shorter so it is simply a restatement of the topic sentence or a related statement of feeling.  Hopefully this helps.  If you have any questions, please email or text (208) 650-6002.  I am more than happy to explain.  

The publishing at the end of the week is to produce a lovely written form of this graphic organizer.  The title is on the top line (centered).  The author is on the second line (centered).  We indent and write the sentences (beginning with the topic sentence) to form the paragraph, ending with the summary sentence.  I ask for great penmanship, attention to good spelling, and a picture.

This week we begin MAP testing.  We will do the language test today and the math test on Wednesday.  Good sleep the night before and good breakfasts the day of tests are always helpful.  Students will take this test on the computers, and it will take considerable focus and energy.  It gives us a benchmark for beginning learning this year.  Next Wednesday, September 25 will be our reading test.

This Friday I will be making the Scholastic Book order.  Get your orders on line or to me by then and we should have our books back the next week.

Thank you for helping with homework, reading, and many more things.  You are awesome and make such a difference in the learning you child will achieve in second grade.  God Bless You.   Mrs. Packham



Monday:  Math Lesson 10, 20 minutes of reading, Graphic Organizer - topic My Pet (or if you don't have a pet - What I would like to have for a pet).

Tuesday:  Tuesday in class we will test on Unit 2 - Homework will be Math Facts - 20 minutes of reading, Workbook Pages 29-30 (Action Verbs) 

Wednesday - Math Lesson 1, 20 minutes of reading, Workbook pages 27-28 to practice spellling words

Thursday - Math lesson 2, 20 minutes of reading, Publishing the writing on My Pet




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