Second Grade - Mrs. Packham


This is a SHORT WEEK.  Please be sure to sign up and come in for a parent teacher conference.  I really do need to see everyone.  Thanks for your help.

Mrs. Packham



Monday:                Math - Module 3 Lesson 17 and 18  (20 minutes of working on math homework is all that is required.  The students get a reward for doing both sides.)

                              Reading - Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes)

Tuesday:                Math - Module 3 Lesson 19       

                             Reading -  Fluency Sheet (Read for a total of 20 minutes) 



The fluency sheet will be read for more than 1 day and at times may be read each night for an entire week.  To get the 20 minutes, the student will probably need to read more than the fluency sheet twice.

Any question about reading?  Please refer to the documents below - All About Second Grade.  Instructions are included.




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