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We begin yet another week of school.  We are blessed to be in the school and learning together.    

Last week our little second graders took their first MAP test.  This is a test taken on the computer that evaluates what students can do in the area being tested.  This last Friday it was reading.  For the second grade this is the first time taking this test.  It has between 40 to 50 questions.  No help can be given.  It usually takes from one half hour to an hour and a half.  The math MAP test and Language Arts MAP will happen in a couple of weeks.  Our little group gave their best effort.  I was proud of them.

There is nothing so constant as change.  In order to overcome the deficinicies in reading and math that COVID out of school created, we will need to give more time to those core subjects for a while.  Consequently, the writing and language arts that we do will be limited and will take place in class.  There will not be homework for Lanugage Arts on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  We will have spelling homework on Thursday to help us study spelling words for the test on Friday.  There will continue to be math and reading homework Monday through Thursday.

Another reminder.  Homework consists of 20 minutes of reading.  Sometimes there will be the same fluency for 2, 3, or even 4 days.  20 minutes of reading each night.  Math homework is 15 of uninterrupted work on the the math homework sent home.  Some students will have most of it done in that period of time and will complete the homework sheet.  For others the 15 minutes is sufficient - send the homework sheet back with the problems you completed in that 15 minutes.  

I did make the book order on Friday after school.  If all goes well we will have the books back this week (early next week at the latest).

This Saturday is the Gala.  Please come and join us for this celebration and fund raising event.  In order to make this a success we need all of you there.  Our project this year is one of sunshine.  It is still in the making, but hope you will all be at the Gala to see the finished project with your child's part in it.  It is always a blessing when a family from our class purchases the project.

I am also looking for a parent to come into the school to help with a reading time called Read Naturally on Tuesday afternoon.  I can teach you what you need to to.  You would have half of the class in the computer room on Tuesday from 2:15 to 2:45.  School is out 15 minutes later and you would be there to take your child home.  Let me know if you could make that commitment to help us out.  It does count for service hours.

Homework for September 21-25, 2020:

Monday:  Reading Log 20 minutes (Fluency:  A Good Life at the Lake)

                 Math:  Module 3 Lesson 3 Homework

Tuesday:   Reading Log 20 minutes (Fluency:  A Good Life at the Lake)

                  Math:  Module 3 Lesson 4 Homework

Wednesday:   Reading Log 20 minutes (Fluency:  A Good Life at the Lake) 

                       Math:  Module 3 Lesson 5 Homework 

                       Language Arts:  Spelling workbook pages 27 and 28

Thursday:   Reading Log 20 minutes (Fluency:  A Good Life at the Lake) 

                   Math:  Module 3 Lesson 6 Homework

                   Spelling:  Workbook pages 41-42



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