Third Grade - Mrs. Eberhardt

Third Grade - Mrs. Eberhardt

We have a couple of items to note this week.  First, please join us for our Veteran's Day program on Tuesday, November 12 at 1 PM.  We will have an early release on Friday, November 15 at 1 PM.  There is also no bussing that day.  Gala money is due on Wednesday and the Gala event is on Saturday, November 16.

*Please remember to be selling Gala Tickets and/or raffle tickets.  Every family is required to sell a $70 packet.

Math - We will begin Module 3 this week. This module will take us through the remaining multiplication facts we have not learned (6 - 9) as well as digging deeper into understanding how multiplication and division are related.

Reading - We will finish studying our story this week with our comprehension test on Thursday.  We will continue studying cause and effect and the author's purpose.

Vocabulary -Our vocabulary words will come from our story but different from last week.  They are listed with the spelling words below.  Please help your child understand their meaning. They are 

1. suppose – to imagine being possible 
2. bore – to make a hole by digging or drilling
3. fungi  – any member of the kingdom of living things (as mushrooms, molds, and rusts) that must live in or on plants, animals, or decaying material.
4. colony – a group of animals or plants of the same kind that live together
5. actually – in fact; really
6. line  – to cover the inside of
7. roost – to rest or sleep as a bird does

Spelling - New lists this week with Daily homework.  The lists are in the documents section below.

The class did a fabulous job on the Pumpkin Book Report Projects!

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Monday: Math Lesson 1, Spelling, Vocabulary
Tuesday: Math Lesson 2, Spelling, Grammar
Wednesday: Math Lesson 3, Spelling, Vocabulary
Thursday: Math Lesson 4 and Spelling

Thursday: Vocabulary and Comprehension
Friday: Math Quiz 1 and Grammar Assessment

Nov 12 - Veteran's Day Program at 1 PM
Nov 15 - Last day of Trimester Early Release Day at 1 PM  *NO BUSSING
Nov 16 - Fall Auction and Gala


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