Third Grade - Mrs. Eberhardt

Third Grade - Mrs. Eberhardt

Happy Catholic Schools Week!  This is a great week to celebrate what an amazing school we have!  We have some fun dress-up-type days, and an activity on Wednesday!  We also will only have math homework on Monday due to the Wednesday activity and Unit review on Tuesday/Thursday.

For reading, we will be working with our Storyworks magazine. This is always a favorite reading activity for the class.

We will continue working on our opinion paper about robots or humans in space. The class is almost done with these!

We will finish module 4 this week. We will work on the study guide on both Tuesday and Thursday, with the unit test on Friday. We will finish off our lessons with irregular shapes. This can be hard for the class to see how to divide shapes up. The class knows the equation for area is L x W = A

Please keep practicing skip counting with your students. As this becomes easier for them, start to have them practice facts (like 3X6). There are many ways to do this outside of flashcards! A site we use in class is Multiplication (and division) fluency is very important for future success in math. Remember for each fact family they pass off (40 problems in 3 minutes), they earn another topping at our multiplication sundae party at the end of the year. We've been doing timings in class so watch for those papers to come home to see what multiplication fact your student needs to work on.

Monday: Math and Reading
Tuesday: Reading
Wednesday: Reading
Thursday: Reading

Thursday: Grammar
Friday: Math, Spelling

Monday: Sweet and Sour Chicken
Tuesday: Pepperoni Pizza
Wednesday: Chicken Strips
Thursday: Taco Soup
Friday: Fish Sticks

Upcoming Dates:
Jan 29 -  Feb 6: Catholic Schools Week
Jan 29 - Breakfast sponsored by 6th Grade
Jan 30 - Hat Day
Jan 31 - Crazy Hair Day
Feb 1 - Class Activity (3rd grade to Arcadia)
Feb 2 - Mass
Feb 3 - School Carnival
Feb 17 - No School
Feb 20 - No School

*Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

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