Third Grade - Mrs. Eberhardt

Third Grade - Mrs. Eberhardt

What a week God granted us last week!  Thankfully we get to try again this week!  Basically this week will be everything we were supposed to do last week, only moved around a bit.

NOTE: We had on the schedule an early release for this Friday at 1 PM as a teacher workday to prepare for progress reports.  It is possible that this will no longer be the case due to our snow days last week.

We have two field trips this week so please be on the lookout for permission slips. No school last week shortened our time frame for getting those back! On Thursday morning, we will be going bowling. Friday morning we will be going to Elevate.  The field trip to Elevate is for this who have met their reading goal.  Student's should have come home with a purple paper week before last stating what this was.  They have until Wednesday to reach this goal.

Math - We will continue module 4.  Expect homework Mon - Thursday. We will be short one quiz in this module. This way we should still finish up before January is over.  There will still be a quiz on Friday.

Reading - We only had time for reading on Monday! So we need to finish working with our last story in our unit about Animals and their habitats.  We will continue our last deep read and discussion on Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing Animal Habitats. Our skills we will be working on will be clarifying, making connections, context clues, and main idea. Our comprehension test will be on Wednesday

Vocabulary - Our words will come from our story. These are the same words presented last week.  Please help your student study them.  Our vocabulary test will be on Wednesday.

Explorer - a person who travels in search of geographical or scientific information
Surface - the outside of a thing
Moist - wet; damp
Swamps - an area of wetland that may have trees and shrubs growing in it
Shallow - not deep
Provide - to give what is needed or wanted
Plains - an area of flat, or almost flat, land
Ledges - a narrow shelf or surface like a shelf

Spelling - We will use the same lists that were assigned last week.  I will pass out new copies just in case they were lost.  Our spelling test will be on Thursday.

Mon: Math Lesson 8 and Spelling
Tues: Math Lesson 10 and Vocabulary
Wed: Math Lesson 11 and Spelling
Thurs: Math Lesson 12  

Wednesday: Vocabulary and Comprehension
Thursday: Grammar
Friday: Math

Jan 23 - Jan 30 - Catholic Schools Week 
Jan 23 - Field Trip - Bowling
Jan 24 - Field Trip Elevate (READING GOAL)
Jan 28 - Progress Reports Go Home
Jan 30 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Jan 31 - NO School

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