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5th and 6th Grades

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October 25th - October 29th

  Greetings!  This week is going to be a full week of both learning and fun.  Yes there will be spelling and vocabulary. so please help your student study for these tests.  This week is Red Ribbon week and there are a lot of fun activities going on.  

Monday - Hat's off to Being Drug Free - students can wear theri favorite hat.

Tuesday - Sock It To Drugs - Students can wear their crazy, colorful socks.

Wednesday - Team Up Against Drugs - Students many wear their favorite team gear, jerseys, T-Shirts, socks, hats, scarves and etc with jeans.

Thursday - RED -Y To Be Drug Free - Students please wear your RED to show you are Drug Free (Mass Uniforms)

Friday - Say Boo to Drugs - Halloween.

This is where I will be posting upcoming events and general information.  If there is something special or last minute, I will send out an email, so please make sure you have the correct e-mail address with the office.



25th - Red Ribbon Week

29th - 1:45 - Put on Costumes

           2:00 - Class Party

           2:30 - Halloween Parade

I pray that everyone has a safe and happy week, please remember to keep our school and our class in your prayers.


Mrs. Charles























































































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