Third Grade - Ms. Eberhardt

Third Grade - Ms. Eberhardt

Please join our remind group for any last-minute or important updates  Or text @6a8883k to the number 81010.  Thank you!

Gala Classroom Project Sneak Peak is Wednesday Morning.  Please join us in the lunchroom to check out all the class projects.  Please also turn in all Gala money on Wednesday.  Also don't forget to join us on Saturday for the Gala. This is an important event for our school!

Math - The class will continue to work with multiplication and division.  Please practice skip counting 2, 3, 5, and 10s with your student.  When they are comfortable with this start asking them these multiplication facts. Thank you for bearing with me as we work through the first week of homework.  Please have students only bring back the actual homework page.

Reading - We will start working with our second story in this unit.  Our essential question this week is How Can Traditions Help Us Learn About Different Cultures.  We will also be learning about Character Development and visualizing the story.

Grammar - We will continue with our next mentor sentence for the book Mr. Peabody's Apples. We are working on subject and predicate of a sentence.

Religion - We will complete our Circle of Grace curriculum.  This will help students with the idea that God is always with them and helps them with their choices.  If we listen, the Holy Spirit can help guide us.

Fluency - Fluency is a paper that is sent home on Monday and is due back on Friday.  Every day, please read through with your student once.  Then complete another read with a 1 minute timer and record the results at the bottom of the paper. On the back, there will be daily comprehension questions to help guide them in their understanding.  Please double-check that your students are doing all parts of the comprehension activities.  There are often things they need to go back in the story and do. These fluency sheets will get harder as the year progresses.

Mon - Fluency Day 1, Math Lesson 8
Tues - Fluency Day 2, Math Lesson 9
Wed - Fluency Day 3, NO MATH
Thurs - Fluency Day 4, Math Lesson 10

Friday - Math Topic B, Grammar

Mon - Chicken Strip and Waffles
Tues - Tacos
Wed - Spaghetti
Thurs - Corn Dogs
Fri - Baked Cheese Sandwiches

Important Dates:
Sept 13 - Class Project Sneak Peak and Gala Money Due
Sept 16 - GALA

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns.
Ms. Eberhardt


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