Fourth Grade - Mrs. Arroyo

Things to know for the week of October 3rd- October 7th

We will be going to City of Rocks on Friday.  We still need drivers so if you want to drive please let me know. We will not be having mass this week so we will be doing a rosary instead.

Spelling Words:  bolt, blown, stole, mold, quote, goal, toll, mole, groan, shadow, stone, load, flow, stove, roasting, mows, chose, woe, lower, sole

Vocab Words- To be compassionate is to be sympathetic.

An enterprise is something difficult or important that a person plans or tries to do.

To be exceptional is to be extraordinary.

 Funds are money that is ready for use. 

A process is a series of actions performed when making or doing something. A routine is a fixed way or method of doing something. 

Math-  We are going to start working on multi-step word problems and unit conversions.

Science-  We will be going to City of Rocks on Friday. We will do an experiment on why some volcanoes explode, and we will find out if mountains last forever

Social Studies- We will be going over over important Idaho landmarks and political facts.

Writing-  We are going to keep working on our writing process and writing proof reading drafts.  

Homework- Studying vocab words, unfinished work as needed.





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